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I run a two-room, eight-input digital home studio in Buffalo NY, and previously ran the same setup in St. Louis MO. There is copious space for tracking large groups, with potential for isolating performers if desired. Below you'll find a summary of available equipment, including all of my recording gear, in addition to a vintage three-piece drum kit and high-end guitars, amplifiers, effects, basses, synthesizers, and more.

It's a naturally bright-sounding room, and my personal production style gravitates toward loud-sounding recordings in a lively-sounding space. But I'm very willing to adapt to whatever sound you have in mind, you just might have to help me hang blankets on the walls. Here's an example drum recording from the main room:

Example acoustic guitar:

If you like what you hear, you can call or text me at 773-383-0020 to discuss a project. If you hate what you hear, my line is still open :)

Recording Equipment